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Courts of Dallas County, Texas

November 1, 2014

This is a personal website which I created in 1995, launched in 1997, and have maintained since.

At that time there was very limited access to information about the Dallas courts on the internet. I created the website to provide litigants, attorneys, and the public with unbiased information about the courts, the judges and staff. In the intervening years the internet has become a very active source of information. Dallas County has established websites which duplicate much of the information which my website provided. It's time to eliminate the redundancy and to allow the county to do its job. Therefore with some regrets I am shutting down this website.

This has been a very enjoyable and satisfying adventure. I hope that it has been an assist to those who have used it over the last couple of decades. I do want to thank the judges and their staffs who have continued to keep me updated with their court data. And I want to thank those who have used the site and expressed their appreciation.


Michael J. O'Neill, webmaster of

P. S. Links to the county's wedsites:
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