Where to eat near the Courthouses

(no endorsements, no recommendations, just a list)

In the Courthouses

Courthouse Floor Facility
George Allen Ground cafeteria / machines
Records 1st snack bar / machines
Frank Crowley 1st cafeteria
Henry Wade 1st & 2nd machines

Behind the George Allen Courts Building

Name Address
Novak's Landmark Grill 308 S. Houston St.
Quiznos 110 S. Market St.
Houston Street Jackson St & Houston St.

The West End

Name Address
The Butcher Shop 808 Munger Ave.
Chipotle 208 N. Market
Corner Bakery 301 N. Market
Gator's Croc n' Roc 1714 N. Market
Hoffbrau Steakhouse 311 N. Market
Key West Roadhouse 211 N. Record St.
Landry's Seafood 306 N. Market
Lombardi's 311 N. Market
On the Border 1801 N. Lamar
Palm Restaurant 701 Ross Ave & N. Market
Sonny Bryan's 302 N. Market
Spaghetti Warehouse 1815 N. Market
T. G. I. Friday's 1713 N. Market
Tony Roma's 310 N. Market
West End Pub 211 N. Record St.
Y. O. Ranch 702 Ross near Market
various ??West End Mall

Near Downtown

Nane Address
The Record Grill 605 Elm St. near Market
Zodiac Greek Grill 1404 Main St.
various the tunnels

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