1. AFFIDAVIT OF INABILITY TO PAY: All Affidavits of Inability to Pay are reviewed by Judge Green to determine if party is indigent. If questioned, letter will be sent to attorney / pro se party, who has 45 days to pay all costs or set a hearing on the issue before the Associate Judge. If no action is taken, the case will be dismissed for want of prosecution.

2. APPEAL OF ASSOCIATE JUDGE’S RECOMMENDATION: If Recommendation for a temporary order, Court will enforce recommendation per TFC 201.013(a). If Recommendation for final order, order will not be signed if appeal is made. All appeals from the Associate Judge must be set for a conference with the Judge. The Judge will then set the matter for trial.

3. APPOINTMENT OF ATTORNEY: Attorneys appointed under TRCP 308-A for purposes of child support enforcement. An attorney ad litem is required in termination and adoption cases.

4. CHILD SUPPORT: Payment through Dallas County Child Support Office.

5. CONTEMPT: A prepared contempt order and order of commitment IS REQUIRED prior to hearing on contempt matters. A mandatory fine is accessed on all contempt cases at the rate of $100 minimum, if the matter is agreed. Contested cases will generally result in a $500 fine. Supervised probation is available upon agreement of contempt and pay out in excess of 6 months, unless contemnor is jailed or purged by compliance. Adult probation officers and public defenders have been assigned to the 256th Court for contempt cases.

6. DOCKET CALL: Failure to appear at Dismissal Docket will result in case being dismissed for want to prosecution. NO PASSES WILL BE GIVEN BY TELEPHONE. NO ATTORNEY OR PARTY MAY RESET PRETRIAL CONFERENCES WITHOUT CONSENT OF COURT (JUDGE OR COORDINATOR).


a) Custody/visitation: Mandatory.

b) Property: Mandatory if trial will take more than one day.

8. NAME CHANGE: Will be denied if person requesting has a felony conviction. Person requesting must appear and give testimony, or file affidavit.

9. PARENTING CLASSES: Mandatory in contested cases only. Contested is defined as if an answer is filed, unless waived by the Court. Any of the following parenting classes are acceptable: Dallas OK (Our Kids) Program; For Kid’s Sake; and EXCAP.

10. PATERNITY ISSUE IN DIVORCE: If either Husband or Wife denies Husband’s paternity of a child born during the marriage, proper allegations should be made in petition / answer. Child’s biological father, if known, should sign Statement of Paternity, and final decree should name him.

11. PRIOR SAPCR: Must transfer and consolidate prior SAPCR into divorce action if any changes in prior decree/order. If no changes, may refer to and attach copy of prior decree/order.

12. PRO SE DIVORCES: All paperwork must be in order. Petitioner must be prepared to make a record of testimony sufficient to grant the relief requested.

13. RESIDENCY RESTRICTION: As long as the non-primary parent resides in Dallas County, the residence of the child(ren) is restricted to Dallas County until further orders of the Court or by written agreement of the parties filed with the Court.


15. TRIAL SETTING: Pre-trial is required. All cases will receive a trial date at pre-trial Attorneys and/or representative should appear with calendar, and be prepared to discuss and narrow trial issues and receive special set.