1. APPEAL OF ASSOCIATE JUDGE's RECOMMENDATION: Court will enforce child support and possession. Other issues determined on case-by-case basis.

2. CHILD SUPPORT: Payment through Child Support Disbursement Unit in San Antonio.

3. CHILDREN: Please advise the Court if children are present in the courtroom. If either party wants a child interviewed, prior arrangements must be made with the Court.

4. CONTEMPT: A prepared contempt order and order of commitment IS REQUIRED prior to hearing on contempt matters.

5. GUARDIAN AD LITEM: Requires application and hearing unless waived by statute. Indigency hearing required if GAL to be paid by Dallas County.


a) Custody/visitation: Mandatory.

b) Property: Mandatory unless waived by Court.

Court will appoint a mediator if the parties cannot agree on a qualified person. Usually costs are assessed one-half to each party. If parties are unable to pay for mediation, case will be referred to DMS or Family Court Services.

Form mediation order is available through court clerk.

7. NAME CHANGE: An Affidavit of the party requesting the name change must be filed prior to hearing. Form available through court clerks and bailiff.

8. PARENTING CLASSES: Not required.

9. PATERNITY ISSUE IN DIVORCE: Case-by-case determination. Make proper allegations in pleadings. Have mother sign an affidavit naming the biological father, if known. If biological father is know, he should sign a statement of paternity.

10. PRIOR SAPCR: Must transfer and consolidate SAPCR into divorce action.

11. PRO SE DIVORCES: From 330th Court only.

12. RESIDENCY RESTRICTION: Determined on case-by-case basis. No global residency restriction.

13. TEMPORARY HEARINGS: It is advisable to obtain a special setting for contested hearings in excess of one hour. Financial Information Statement should be prepared before hearing. 14. TRIAL: Discuss settings with opposing counsel prior to setting the case. Please call the Court if you settle your case before trial.