Docket Call is at 8:30 am. The presence of the defendant is required on all settings unless waived by the court. Waivers will be granted due to jobs, school, or other verifiable commitments. Defendants in jail are brought down on the jail chain for disposition settings and when attorney is initially appointed.


On Trials and TBCT settings, the Defendant and Attorney must appear and announce ready for trial by 9 am. Jury Trials are set on Monday and Wednesday. TBCT and Motions to Revoke or Adjudicate are set on Thursday and Friday or anytime during a nonjury week.


            COURT SETTINGS


Two announcement settings are allowed before a disposition setting. Announcement settings on jail cases are to be passed for no more than one week. Announcement settings on bond cases are to be passed for no more than one month. The pass slip is to be signed by the Assistant District Attorney and the Defense Attorney, and then given to the Court Coordinator.


All new cases must have a plea recommendation from the district attorney on the 2nd setting. No Disposition setting may be reset without the Judge’s permission. The Court requires a waiver be signed prior to getting a TBC setting.


Bond forfeitures are called at the end of the morning and afternoon dockets and are set aside at the discretion of the court.




All paperwork for pleas are to filled out by the defense counsel.


All revocations must be set for disposition on or before the 10th day after being appointed or retained. No setting on a revocation may be longer than one week without the Judge’s permission.


Agreed Matters may go to the Magistrate court when the Court is otherwise in session. Competency hearings are held in Magistrate Court.







Pretrial matters are to be heard on the Thurs. or Fri. before trial.


Case order is set in advance by the Court after consultation with the parties with priority being given to jail cases. Motions for continuance must be in writing and be presented in advance of the trial setting.


Voir dire begins as soon as the jury arrives. Pleas on the day of trial are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Testimony will begin the next day.  The Court begins trial typically at 9am and ends at 5pm with an hour break for lunch.





The Court uses the rotating wheel and utilizes one Public Defender at this time. Appointments are made by the Court Coordinator and attorneys will be called the day before for the jail chain and must report to the court on that date.





The Court’s standards for attorneys and staff is courtesy and professionalism. No food or beverages ( other than water or coffee in a closed container) are permitted in the courtroom. No cursing is permitted in the courtroom. Pagers and Cellphones must be silenced and may not be used in the courtroom ( with penalty being temporary confiscation).


All of the above rules are subject to the discretion of the Judge.