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Q1: I have misplaced my jury summons. What do I do?
Q2: I have received a jury summons. I want to serve but cannot serve on the date on the summons. What can I do to change the date?
Q3: I just received another jury summons. I served last month. Do I have to serve again this soon?
Q4: When is the courthouse open?
Q5: Where is the "small claims" court?
Q6: How do I get a marriage license?
Q7: What is the fee for ...?
Q8: How do I get a copy of a court order?
Q9: I can't afford an attorney. Will the court appoint an attorney for me?
Q10: I got a traffic ticket. Where do I go to pay it or to contest it?
Q11: I need to find information or a document - an old deed, Assumed Name, old lawsuit, probate of a will, conviction of a friend , etc.. Where are they?
Q12: I am a teacher and want to bring my class to see a trial. Whom do I contact?
Q13: I would like to work for Dallas County. Where is the personnel department?
Q14: I want to find out who owns a piece of property and how much it is worth.
Q15: I am trying to track down my ancestors. Where do I go?
Q16: I was born in Dallas county and need a legal birth certificate. Where do I go?

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